Fleas have been a problematic pest for man for millennia, and living in close quarters with each other, and our canine and feline friends has likely only made things worse over the past few hundred years. They belong to the insect order Siphonaptera which literally means wingless sucking tube. They are insects with a rather infamous reputation as being responsible for the transmission of the bubonic plague or, the Black Death. In Australia, the plague struck Sydney in 1900, centred around the Rocks area and resulted in the death of about 300 people in eight months. Fortunately, we are free from the scourge today though it can still be found in some parts of the world.
Fleas and Other Biting Arthropods and their Control
“They’re driving me crazy! You’ve got to get rid of them and I don’t care how much it costs!”

Magic words to a pest manager perhaps but sometimes the precursor to a saga of epic proportions when you can’t find the culprit causing all this anxiety. When a pest manager can find fleas or bird mites, then the solution is usually straightforward and both parties are satisfied. However, when the “bities” are nowhere to be found, then that’s when the tears often start…for both client and pest manager.