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The next generation termiticide technology will be here soon. High Efficiency Termidor will be a time saving and a superior termite treatment.
Solar Skirts™ stops birds and rodents and prevents leaves and other debris from getting under solar panels. Reduces damage caused by birds and rodents, reduces maintenance costs, ensures unrestricted airflow around panels.
The HomeGuard Precision Termite Management system now includes HomeGuard Protectacoat termite and waterproof barrier paint on, containing Bifenthrin at 0.65g/L.
Active from day 1, all day, every day.
The ultimate vandal resistant Rodent Bait Station
Updated HomeGuard brochures for Home Owners and Professional Builders
Drop-Ins are pre-baited with a food grade lure which will actively attract flies for 30 days.
Prevents the passage of odours, soap suds, noise, vermin and insects
A new longer lasting broad spectrum household insecticide from FMC
Starrdust PRO is the world’s only dual active dust incorporating triflumuron Insect Growth Regulator with a double strength permethrin 40:60 cis to provide up to 12 months control of pest insects.
The Protecta Shield is the latest addition to Bell Laboratories professional range.
BASF is proud to be introducing into the market Termidor® 1L Termiticide Insecticide. Termidor is the only termiticide insecticide registered for the control of termites, ants, cockroaches, flies and other exterior pests. Termidor is still the ONLY Non-Repellant termiticde Insecticide with the proven unique transfer effect available in the Australian market
The C150 electric cold fogger is portable, strong, lightweight and durable. Its made from fibre reinforced polymer. The C150 is designed with toughness in mind with components such as a reliable and efficient solenoid valve made out of Teflon, and a powerful and reliable motor. In fact, the power and efficiency of the C150 exceeds simular machines in the market, thanks to the exclusive 1250 Watt Samsung motor. which is guaranteed for 800 hours uptime. The C150 comes equipped with a 5 Litre tank and you can cover 200sq.m in just 2 minutes. The droplet size can be easily adjusted (5-50 microns) by simply twisting the nozzle.
Phantom Pressurised Insecticide is a ready-to-use formulation that kills a broad spectrum of pests including cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Phantom Pressurised can be used outdoors or indoors as a Crack & Crevice or precision spot treatment, and is also labelled for food-handling areas.