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Avishock Design Guide
  • Consider each site individually. 
  • As a general rule, AVISHOCK is suitable for areas where the track is unlikely to be touched by the public e.g. on ledges, signs, roofs, parapets etc. 
  • Avishock is not suitable on readily accessible parts. 
Please see attached brochure for detailed instructions.

Avishock Installation Guide
  • The AVISHOCK Energiser is for use with AVISHOCK Electric Bird Deterrent System only.
  • Only AVISHOCK system components (Avishock-Track, Energiser, Lead Wire, Connectors and tools) should be used when installing the system.
  • No more than one Energiser must be connected to a run of Avishock-Track.
  • AVISHOCK 15 Step Installation Guide should be followed.
Please see attached brochure for  detailed installation guide
Avishock Maintenance Recommendations
A maintenance inspection is advised on at least an annual basis: more frequently if it is a  sensitive site.

Please see attached brochure for detailed maintenance recommendations.

Avishock Components
The next generation AVISHOCK electric bird deterrent system has been developed with professional pest controllers in mind. The system is now even quicker to install, even more robust and even more discreet, offering fantastic value for money.
Please see attached brochure.
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