The next generation termiticide technology will be here soon. High Efficiency Termidor will be a time saving and a superior termite treatment.
Solar Skirts™ stops birds and rodents and prevents leaves and other debris from getting under solar panels. Reduces damage caused by birds and rodents, reduces maintenance costs, ensures unrestricted airflow around panels.
The BASF System III makes Prescription Treatment practical and profitable. Product usage is reduced with controllable applications. Suitable for use with all BASF aerosol products.
The small applicator and long, coiled hose make reaching hidden cracks, crevices and voids practical. The belt mounted system makes arming yourself with all the best tools simple, lightweight and manageable; your inspection flashlight in one hand and your applicator in the other.
Active from day 1, all day, every day
For the residual control of subterranean termites. Termidor has two modes of action: contact and transfer. This ensures that Termidor will assist pest managers to create an effective barrier around buildings as well as manage the source of the termites – the termite nest.
The Termatrix system was designed as a 3rd generation system to offer skilled Professional Pest Managers the required tools and freedom to revolutionize the next era of termite baiting.
NARA is a HIGH-TECH, NON-TOXIC ATTRACTANT and MONITORING BAIT for RATS and MICE consisting of an aromatised special plastic.The NARA range features a monitoring block for use in common bait stations and a specially shaped lure for use on snap traps.

Mouse Shield sealant is non-toxic and contains natural fibres and oils. The strength of the product lies not in killing rodents but in blocking their access.
Maxforce® Fusion is the next generation gel against cockroaches large and small.
The ultimate vandal resistant Rodent Bait Station. Ultrabait VR is a superb quality steel tamper resistant bait station for rats and mice. It comes complete with removable plastic inserts that can accommodate all types of bait. The top key entry and unique, reliable locking mechanism makes this bait station quick and easy to service every time.
The station can be secured down through screw holes in the base or, by using a wall fixing bracket, to a wall. A securing stake is available to secure in soil.
Starrdust®PRO is a ready-to-use broad spectrum insecticide with a unique formulation.
Globe carries a complete range of drill bits to suit many pest control applications
Solar panel clips allow you to secure suitable mesh to solar panels to prevent birds from nesting underneath.
Compared to ordinary sprays that leave a residue, Phantom pressurised insecticide delivers the active ingredient more effectively by drying in crystals without leaving a visible residue. Still delivering the trustworthy performance and flexibility that has defined the success of Pahntom Insecticide. The only liquid non-repellent, non IGR labelled for indoor general pest control including commercial food handling areas.

The C150 electric cold fogger is portable, strong, lightweight and durable. Its made from fibre reinforced polymer. The C150 is designed with toughness in mind with components such as a reliable and efficient solenoid valve made out of Teflon, and a powerful and reliable motor. In fact, the power and efficiency of the C150 exceeds simular machines in the market, thanks to the exclusive 1250 Watt Samsung motor which is guaranteed for 800 hours up-time. The C150 comes equipped with a 5 Litre tank and you can cover 200sq.m in just 2 minutes. The droplet size can be easily adjusted (5-50 microns) by simply twisting the nozzle.
Storm® is a ready to use rodenticide for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings. Its active ingredient flocoumafen, delivers a lethal dose in a single feed for the best possible control.
Generation FirstStrike is the latest innovation in rodent control, developed with a mixture of milled grain and vegetable oil and the most advanced active ingredient on the market, Difethialone. Generation FirstStrike is the bait of choice whenever you really need your bait to work.
Arilon® is a non-repellent insecticide which provides excellent control of ants, cockroaches and other key insect pest species on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Arilon has a unique mode of action which allows the insecticide to be passed to other ants/cockroaches and offers strong residual performance. Unlike pyrethroid products which have a fast knockdown effect, Arilon® takes several hours to activate. Arilon® can be used in a variety of use sites - in and around household and commercial/ industrial locations for more versatile application with fewer treatment limitations.
Please contact your local Globe Service Centre for further information.

PESTIE DOTZ are a professional polymer platform on to which ant and cockroach gel baits are applied. They incorporate a technology at allows them to be attached to flat smooth surfaces without tearing or leaving any residues when removed. PESTIE DOTZ technology uses hundreds of miniature suction caps.
Containing Fipronil, this highly potent cockroach gel will control cockroaches faster than many other cockroach gels. Goliath provides ongoing control due to a stable and highly palatable formulation, and its transfer effect through the cockroach population.
Bell's popular monitoring bait, DETEX BLOX, is now reformulated as DETEX with Lumitrack, a non-toxic bait with a special additive that makes rodent droppings glow bright green under black light.