A multi-catch mouse trap that comes with built-in sensing technology. Technicians will be able to monitor and easily be able to collect data at their accounts that will show when and where mice are traveling.

Each Trapper® 24/7® iQ™ trap comes with a fully integrated battery, proprietary sensor and antenna, that is water and weather-proof. The sensors collect timestamps of rodent activity and communicate via Bluetooth® technology to the Bell Sensing App when technicians are on site doing their service. The data gathered will empower PMPs to improve their service, helping them answer the questions of why rodent activity is spiking in certain places, at certain times.

Trapper® 24/7® iQ™ traps are sleek and durable, and the base and top are made out of a strong polycarbonate material that holds up to active environments and won’t rust. Trapper® 24/7® iQ™ traps accommodate disposable glue boards for monitoring and fast clean-up.

Trapper® 24/7® iQ™ trap’s attractive design blends into any environment. Extensive field and laboratory testing ensure performance and reliability.

Supplied in Cartons of 4.