Biflex Mikron


Lightning fast control and enduring residual protection from the powerful combination of two active ingredients in a cutting edge microemulsion formulation

The unique microemulsion formulation of Biflex® Mikron features a particle size that is 200 times smaller than SC formulations and thousands of times smaller than micro-encapsulated products, providing many advantages for pest controllers:

Features include:

  • Clear Formulation – helps eliminate the possibility of staining or messy, visible residue.
  • Better Insect Penetration – smaller particles are more readily absorbed through an insect’s cuticle for faster control.
  • Increased Uniform Coverage – the increased number and even distribution of particles on a treated surface create a higher probability of insects coming in contact with an effective dose.
  • Stays in Suspension – once mixed, Biflex® Mikron remains in suspension and does not require constant agitation.