EXOCUTOR 30 (Electric Grid Model)


The Exocutor is full of features designed to maximize useful UV light output, from the internal aluminium UV light reflectors, designed to re-use the powerful insect attracting wavelength of the 15W tubes, to the unique light scoops which allow light to exude from the corners of the unit as well as the front, back and sides. Staggered tube positioning ensures that the maximum amount of UV light is radiated from all areas of the unit, luring flying insects into the highly effective triangular killing grid. Available in 30 W in white finish, the contemporary design of the products ensures that they are easily identified as a high quality unit that delivers superior efficacy against traditional fly killers.

Applications -Commercial Backroom + Commercial Kitchen

Area of coverage– 100m2

Lamp(s) – 2 x 15Watt Synergetic shatterproof insect attractant lamps (2 x PAT81)

Mounting – Wall mounted and ceiling suspended

Dimensions(mm) – Hx W x D 140 x 538 x 265

Weight – 4.5kg

Finish – White