The focus free lens & easy button navigation method to on screen saved JPEGS, imaging modes, settings and measurement tools make The E5 Thermal Imaging Camera is incredibly easy to use, even by pressing a single button with a gloved thumb. Also featured is an on screen center spot meter to measure temperatures & an area box function with an innovative automatic cold or hot spot which locates temperature extremes. You can also view MSX, visual, thermal images & simultaneously store them for later analysis with FLIR Tools software.

Flir E5 Features

  • 120 x 90 (10,800 pixels)
  • 3 inch color LCD display
  • –20 deg. to 250 deg. C
  • On board Digital Camera – 640 x 480  pixels
  • 2 percent accuracy
  • Radiometric jpg File format
  • Spot Measurement mode
  • Swappable Lithium-ion Battery w/ 4 hr. life
  • Simultaneous storage for Visual, MSX and Infrared images
  • Area Box measurement mode
  • Includes: Power supply – charger w/ 4 plugs, Rechargeable battery, FLIR Tools software, USB cable, Hard transport case