HomeGuard Protectacote, in conjunction with the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System (the HomeGuard System), forms a continuous waterproof and termite resistant barrier around the perimeter of new slab-on-ground structures and extensions to existing structures.

HomeGuard Protectacote is an acrylic polymer latex composition with a high loading of inorganic fillers. On curing, it forms a tough, flexible, termite resistant and waterproof film.

Bifenthrin is the active ingredient in HomeGuard Protectacote. The active ingredient content of HomeGuard Protectacote is such that when this liquid product cures, the resulting barrier has a bifenthrin content of 1 g/kg.

The active ingredient is uniformly dispersed throughout the product. It both kills and repels termites. When properly installed, HomeGuard Protectacote in conjunction with the HomeGuard system, forms a full and continuous waterproof and termite resistant perimeter barrier that works by forcing termite activity into the open where it can be detected by regular inspection

15 L