Developed to be the most effective glueboard fly killer on the market, Edge is designed around patented glueboard technology to catch significantly more flying insects than traditional glueboards. As the glueboard is inserted into the fly killer it self-folds at the desired points, creating a unique form around the high efficacy Synergetic UVA-Green lamps. This unique design forms edges, proven to be more attractive to flies, maximises useful UV light output, and creates a 30% larger glue area than traditional glueboards,creating a staggering 31.5% increase on a normal catch rate.

Area of coverage– 120m2

Lamp – 2 x 15Watt

Power consumption– 40 Watt

International Protection rating – IP20

Size – 380 x 570x 110mm

Weight – 5.3kg

Finish -Stainless Steel