Rodex rodent bait contains the strongest anticoagulant on the market – Brodifacoum. Brodifacoum will kill a rodent within 3-5 days after consuming a lethal dose. On average a rat needs to consume around 1.3 g of brodifacoum to die and a mouse only 0.2 g to die. A rat will eat up to 50 g of food a day and a mouse 5 g so it is very easy for them to consume a lethal dose feeding on rodex. A block of Rodex is 20 g which means that there is enough in each block to kill up to 100 mice and 10 rats if they were only eating a lethal dose. This type of bait is called a 2nd generation  or single  feed anticoagulant.

  • The key features of the improved block are as follows;
    • Extruded blocks – Ensuring they remain palatable and hold together in various conditions
    • Contains distinct and prominent Gnawing Edges – encourages rodents to chew on the bait even if they are not hungry
    • The blocks hold up very well in high moisture environments and are palatable even when there is a lot of food pressure in the area
    • Available in a new 10 kg bucket which gives you 500 bait blocks per bucket
    • Due to Rodex’s very strong active ingredient a quick kill is ensured plus a cost efficient use of the bait as they will consume enough in one feeding to die, leaving plenty of bait to reduce the population quickly
    • Rodex will work effectively on all rodent pest species in