The new PROTECTA® EVO® TUNNEL™ is an economical and versatile way to protect traps. PROTECTA EVO TUNNEL can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be secured to fences or pipes via cable ties in both the vertical and horizontal position. A low and discreet profile, the EVO TUNNEL provides tamper-resistant coverage of a variety of rat and mouse traps. PROTECTA EVO TUNNEL accommodates two TRAPPER® T-REX® rat snap traps which are secured into the EVO TUNNEL base. The EVO TUNNEL also can also provide cover for mouse sized products such as two Mini-Rex mouse snap traps, two TRAPPER® Mouse glue trays or two TRAPPER® MAX glue boards.  PROTECTA EVO TUNNEL opens and locks quickly with Bell’s EVO key, and EVO TUNNEL stations are stackable for easy handling.


■ Tamper Resistant tunnel with EVO key
■ Securely holds either 2 T-REX® or 2 T-REX® iQ™ traps in each tunnel
■ Economical way to protect traps and non-targets at accounts, without having to buy a bait station
■ Tunnels are stackable for easy handling
■ Can be secured to fences or pipes via cable ties
■ The T-REX rat trap when used with EVO Tunnel meets NAWAC animal welfare standards
■ Low, lang profile for discreet placement
■ lndoor or outdoor use
■ EVO Tunnel can also be used for:
• Mini-Rex™ mause traps
• Trapper® Max glue boards