The TERM-seal Termite-Pro Perimeter Re-treatment System is the latest system from TERMSEAL AUSTRALIA and can be integrated with  other systems to provide comprehensive termite protect,on to both new buildings and renovations or additions to existing buildings across Australia.

The 100m kit includes the following components:

  • PRS12134 x 1 100m Roll – System Pipe
  • TPRS12138 x 1 Pack (5) – DB End Plug 13mm
  • TPRS12135 x 1 Pack (10)– DB Elbow 13mm
  • TPRS12140 x 2 Packs – Standpipe Fitting Complete
  • TPRS12139 x 1 piece – Spotter Valve Box w/I Lid
  • TPRS12136 x 1 Pack (5) – 13mm Joiner
  • TPRS 12137 x 1 Pack (20)- 13mm Ratchet Clamps
  • PRSMBS x 1 piece – Meter Box Sticker

The TERM-seal™ Termite-Pro Perimeter Retreatment System has also been independently tested and verified to comply with AS 3660.1-2014 Termite Management: Part 1-New building work, and approved with a CodeMark Certificate of Conformity, CM 40277. The System should therefore be used in conjunction with concrete slabs which comply with AS2870 or AS3600.

100m kits weighs 7.0kg