Biforce Granular Insecticide is a convenient, ready to use contact residual granular insecticide for external control of ants, fleas and ticks in areas such as gardens, lawns, around BBQs and other external surrounds of buildings and structures.

Key features and benefits of Biforce Granular Insecticide
  • Fast knockdown contact insecticide with long lasting residual properties
  • When soil applied the active binds strongly to soil and has a low risk of leaching with rainfall
  • An easy to handle and apply granular formulation for controlling common insect pests in turf and gardens
  • No risk of harmful spray drift
  • Reduced odour and photo degradation of active compared to liquid alternatives
  • Can be applied by hand to control localised infestation hot spots
Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial
MOA Group:
Group 3A Insecticide
Product Form:
Ready To Use:
Ready to Use
Pests Controlled: Coastal Brown Ants, Black House Ant, Cat Flea, Dog Flea, Sugar Ant, Ticks, Funnel Ants
Environment Type: Outdoor
Active Ingredient: 2g/kg Bifenthrin
Application Rate: 60-220kg/ha
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