Contrac Blox All Weather Bait is a single dose anticoagulant rodenticide in the form of highly palatable wax blocks for the control of rats and mice. It contains the active ingredient, Bromadiolone and is an excellent clean-out and maintenance bait to control mice and rats, including warfarin-resistant Norway rats.

It is used for the control of rats and mice including those resistant to other anticoagulants, in and around domestic, commercial and public service and industrial buildings.

Key features and benefits of Contrac Blox All Weather Rodenticide:
  • A single-feeding anticoagulant block rodenticide containing Bromadiolone
  • Excellent for controlling mice and rats, including warfarin-resistant Norway rats
  • Ideal to use as a clean-out and maintenance bait
  • High palatable: Formulated with over 16 food-grade ingredients and taste enhancers
  • The preferred bait of rats and mice when tested against other bromadiolone blocks on the market
  • Extruded Blox offers extraordinary palatability

Contrac Blox is specially formulated with an optimal blend of food-grade ingredients and a small amount of paraffin. The result is a highly palatable, yet weatherable, bait that works well in wet and dry conditions.

Bait acceptance with Contrac is superior due to its highly palatable formulation. Plus, manufactured with Bell's extrusion process, Contrac Blox has multiple edges that appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw. Rodents can consume a lethal dose in just one feeding. Bait shyness is not a problem with Contrac because mortality occurs a few days after bait is consumed. The antidote, Vitamin K1 is available for treatment.

For ease of use, the pre-measured 28g BLOX has a hole in the center which lets technicians place it on bait securing rods in tamper-resistant bait stations.  It can also be nailed or wired to rafters and ceilings or placed in tight locations.

Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial
HACCP Certified:
Product Form:
Bait Block
Ready To Use:
Ready To Use
Pests Controlled: Roof Rat, Brown Rat or Norway Rat, House Mouse
Environment Type: Indoor, Outdoor
Active Ingredient: 0.05g/kg Bromadiolone
Chemistry Class: Anticoagulant
Application Rate: 1-8 blocks per location
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