TERM-Seal Annular Soft Collars are used to protect slab penetrations and prevent the entry of Termites. These collars are supplied pre-cut to fit 40mm (water), 40mm (elect), 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, and 100mm pipe and conduit sizes.

TERM-Seal Annular Soft Collars can be used where the penetration caps have been glued on by the plumber for water testing which makes the installation of rigid collars impossible. There are also other situations such as plumbing pipes placed adjacent to formwork, a cluster of pipe penetrations or odd-sized conduits when these can be used.

Key features of TERM-Seal Annular Soft Collars
  • Supplier pre-cut
  • Complies with full requirements of AS3660.1-2014
  • Can be adjuted to suit any size conduit or water pipe
  • Must be used with a TERM-seal Ura-Fen Shield TWB 100mm (folded to 50mm) wrap
Brand: TERM-seal
Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Australian Made:
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