How to Pick the Right Rodent Bait for the Job with Bell Labs

How to Pick the Right Rodent Bait for the Job with Bell Labs

With so many rodent baits available in the market, it can be hard to make heads or tails of when to use each one. Here are all the rodenticides available in the Bell Labs range and the different types of scenarios or environments where they would be used so you can pick the most suitable bait for each job.


Contrac Blox Rodent Bait

Contrac Blox is a single-feeding anticoagulant rodenticide containing the active ingredient, Bromadiolone. It is an excellent clean-out and maintenance bait to control mice and rats, in and around domestic, commercial and public service and industrial buildings.

Contrac Blox is specially formulated with an optimal blend of 16 different food-grade ingredients and enhancers, and a small amount of paraffin. The result is a highly palatable, yet weatherable bait that works well in wet and dry conditions.

Contrac contains the most palatable active ingredient, and is the premium choice to use against competing food sources. Being the least toxic of the SGAR’s, it is also the best choice to use around homes or buildings, when there are concerns of secondary poisoning.

The 28g green BLOX have a hole in the center which lets technicians place it on bait-securing rods in tamper-resistant bait stations. Contrac Blox is supplied in 1.8kg or 8kg pails.

Contrac Soft Bait

Contrac Soft Bait, a single-feed formulation, contains the second-generation anticoagulant, bromadiolone. It is Bell's most extensively researched and tested rodenticide which has undergone comprehensive field testing to ensure its performance in urban, rural, commercial and residential settings.

Contrac Soft Bait Display

Contrac Soft Bait was specially formulated with an optimal blend of saturated and unsaturated fats. This unique, oil-based formulation coupled with a manufacturing process which ensures maximum contact of the sachet to the soft bait, results in increased bait acceptance.

Containing all the benefits of Bromadiolone, Contrac Soft Bait is also formulated to withstand any climate, it won’t melt, freeze or mould. Ensuring your bait is working for you, when you aren’t there.

In Bell's opinion, Contrac Soft bait is the single most palatable bait on the market today, bar none.
In a 10g sachet, Contrac Soft bait comes in both 1.8kg or 7.25kg pails.

Ditrac Blox Bait

Ditrac All Weather Blox Rodenticide contains the powerful active ingredient, Brodifacoum, the most potent, single-feeding anticoagulant on the market today. Ditrac is effective in controlling both rats and mice but works especially well to clean out persistent mouse infestations.

Ditrac Blox Bait Display

Ditrac with its distinctive cog-like shape, is made with more than 16 human food-grade, inert ingredients for a flavor rats and mice can't resist.

The bait of choice in the pest control industry, manufactured from Bell's unique extrusion process that yields a hard, multiple-edged bait with unsurpassed palatability and weatherability. The multiple edges appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw. BLOX work well in any condition -- wet or dry, indoors or out.

The most popular and weatherable bait on the market, Ditrac is especially good for clean-out baiting, and when there is significant mouse pressure, with rodents requiring the smallest amount of any SGAR for a lethal dose.

The distinctly red 20g Blox, are available in 1.8kg and 8kg pails. Ditrac is also available in 10kg as rodenticide pellets.

Fastrac Blox

Fastrac All-Weather Blox contains the acute active ingredient Bromethalin, a unique non-anticoagulant available for the first time in Australia.

Fastrac Blox is the fastest-acting block rodenticide currently available. Its effective knockdown when compared to anticoagulants means more rodents can be controlled with less bait, saving pest controllers time and money.

Fastrac Blox Display

With a flexible label, Fastrac can be used up to 30m from buildings and permanent structures, extending your protection zone.

Fastrac Blox Rodenticide is suitable for both damp and dry applications in and around industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. It is ideal for initial rodent treatments, population knockdown and as part of a rotational rodent bait program.

When fast results are required, Fastrac is the premium choice for quick population control, and is the only new active that has been brought to Australia in the last decade. In a 15g bright purple Blox formulation, Fastrac is available in a 4kg pail.

Detex Blox with Lumitrack

Detex with Lumitrack is a non-toxic rodent monitoring bait with a special additive that makes rodent droppings glow bright green under black light.

Detex with Lumitrack Display

Detex with Lumitrack continues to be an indispensable tool for monitoring rodent activity but now it can also be used to track rodent movement and to identify rodent harborage. Droppings from rodents that have consumed Detex with Lumitrack appear normal under regular light but glow a bright neon green under black light. By tracking those droppings, pest control technicians can identify the specific species and size of an infestation, as well as track rodent movement to harborage and nesting areas. Active burrows become visible under black light as well.

Detex is ideal for monitoring rodent activity in schools, food warehouses, zoos, parks and other sensitive accounts. Once rodent activity is detected, pest technicians can replace the non-toxic bait with Bell's rodenticide baits, traps or other rodent control products to get rid of an infestation.

The 20g BLOX are made with Bell's highly palatable bait formulation containing food-grade ingredients.
Detex can also be used to increase acceptance into a bait station, having the same shape and grooves as our Blox products, rodents will consume Detex, and move across to toxic bait seamlessly.

Summary of Bell Labs' Rodenticides

  Contrac Blox Contrac Soft Bait Ditrac Fastrac Blox Detex with Lumitrack
Active Ingredient Bromadiolone Bromadiolone Brodifacoum Bromethalin No Active
Rodenticide Type Single-feed anticoagulant Single-feed anticoagulant Single-feed anticoagulant Non-anticoagulant Non-toxic
Best For Maintenance and clean out bait Maintenance and clean out bait Cleaning out persistent rat and mice infestations Fast and effective knockdown for quick population control Monitoring for rodent activity only. Non-toxic.
Form Wax bait block Soft bait sachet Wax bait block. Also available in pellets. Wax bait block Wax bait block


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