Electric Bird Deterrent System

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  1. Avishock Track 20m
    Avishock Track 20m

    Electrical Bird Deterrent

    The unique Avishock electrical bird deterrent track is supplied in 20m lengths and offers simple installation from an easy-to-handle reel.

  2. Avishock Solar Energiser 0.18J
    Avishock Solar Energiser 0.18J

    The Avishock Solar Energiser 0.18J has been designed to power the Avishock track in an environmentally friendly way and where mains power is not available. 

  3. Avishock Warning Plate (Pk25)
    Avishock Warning Plate (Pk25)

    Made from hard-wearing plastic these notices need to be fitted near Avishock installations to help prevent unintentional shocks. Text: "WARNING – Electrified Flex-Track – Isolate before access."

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There are 10 products

Explore our comprehensive selection of electric bird deterrent systems designed to effectively deter avian pests. Our electric bird deterrent systems feature discreet and flexible tracks that deliver a gentle electric shock to birds upon landing or walking on them. These systems do not harm the birds but effectively condition them to avoid the protected surface in the future.

Ideal for a variety of settings, including rooftops, ledges, signs, and other structures, our electric shock bird deterrents are highly effective in discouraging birds of all sizes from landing and roosting in the area. With their innovative design and humane approach, these systems offer a reliable solution for bird control without causing harm to the birds.

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