Boracol 100RH Building Materials Fungicide 20L

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Boracol 100RH Building Materials Fungicide is specially formulated for the management and prevention of mould, algae, fungus, lichen and moss on timber, stone, concrete, bricks and other porous masonry and building products.

  • Boracol 100RH is a clear liquid with a faint sweet odour.
  • Boracol 100RH is supplied ready to use, no diluting or mixing is required.
  • Solvent is 109g/L Monoethylene Glycol.

Active Constituents in Boracol 100RH Building Materials Fungicide 

23g/L Boron (B) present as Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate,

22g/L Benzalkonium Chloride.

Application for Boracol 100RH Building Materials Fungicide 

Applications include; marinas, decks, swimming pool surrounds, fences, walls, paths, walkways, driveways, pergolas, dairy sheds, roofs and any other surface where damp conditions favour the growth of mould, algae or fungi. Boracol 100RH is not suitable for painted surfaces and some non-porous masonry.

Boracol 100RH works by diffusing into the substrate to form a protective barrier giving treated surfaces effective protection.

Boracol 100RH has a neutral pH and dries clear leaving the surfaces unchanged, unlike other aggressive bleach type cleaners. Boracol 100RH may be used for the sterilisation of masonry that has been in contact with decayed timber.

However, timber treated with Boracol 100RH does not comply with the penetration requirements of Australian Standard AS1604 - Specification for preservative treatment.

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Active Ingredients 23g/L Boron (B), 22g/L Benzalkonium Chloride
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