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Croaked Cane Toad Control Spray is a humane, hands-free solution to controlling cane toads on your property, using the power of science to efficiently sedate and euthanise unwanted cane toads.

Croaked Cane Toad Control does not harm your kids, pets or native wildlife, and you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Just one simple spray of Croaked and you can begin to take your backyard back. It really is like kryptonite for Cane Toads.

Key Features and Benefits of Croaked Cane Toad Control

  • Economical: One 375mL ready-to-use (RTU) spray bottle kills up to 150 toads.
  • Rapid immobilisation with just 1 spray
  • Quick kill in less than 8 minutes 
  • Quick retrieval of cane toad bodies is convenient & limits secondary poisoning
  • Sedation mode of action
  • Safe to use around pets - follow directions for use on pack

The key active ingredient in Croaked is a nifty chemical called eugenol, commonly used in perfumes and as a food flavouring agent. We know that chemical names can sound scary, but there’s no need to worry. Eugenol naturally occurs in clove oil and bay leaves – stuff your grandparents probably used to fight toothache before they had easy access to dentists and over-the-counter analgesics. This prevents any suffering or pain to occur to the toads, thus making it a safe and humane method of controlling the species.

How to Use Croaked Cane Toad Control

Croaked Cane Toad Control is registered for outdoor use only. Please wear gloves when using Croaked or handling cane toads.

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Hold sprayer 20-30 cm from the toad and squirt trigger once for small toads and twice for larger toads. (Ensure spray contacts toad).
  3. Observe as the toad is quickly sedated and immobilised. Generally, the toads will not react to the spray as it is not irritating to them. They are sedated by Croaked before they die
  4. Check the toad after 2 minutes for signs of life (movement, respiration). Toads that are still moving after 1 to 2 minutes may require further treatment
  5. When you’re confident the toad has Croaked, remove and dispose of it safely and humanely.

How does Croaked Cane Toad Control work?

CROAKED™ harnesses the anaesthetic power of eugenol to immobilise the toad, so he’s not hopping all over your backyard during his last moments, leaving you searching for him once he’s finally succumbed. Instead of a violent death that’s traumatic not only for the toad, but also for anyone witnessing it, CROAKED™ promises a humane end for the cane toad, without affecting your children, household pets or native wildlife.

The spray method is effective because toads, like other amphibians, breathe through their skin. The anaesthetic is quickly absorbed and begins acting on their central nervous system, so they feel no pain or fear and simply drift off into a lovely sleep. You get to feel like a backyard superhero defending your family, without getting your hands dirty, and the toad gets the humane death all creatures deserve – yes, even pests like Cane Toads.

How quickly does CROAKED™ sedate and euthanise cane toads?

CROAKED™ is extremely effective – our studies show that toads are typically sedated within a minute, and euthanized within 8 to 10 minutes. Progress from sedation to euthanasia is independent of toad size, meaning one application is enough to humanely euthanise any toad, be they a 20g juvenile or a 700g adult.

What happens if I get CROAKED™ on my skin or in my eyes?

The active ingredient in CROAKED™ is eugenol. Eugenol is commonly used as a fragrant additive in aftershave lotions, bath products, moisturizers, shampoos, soaps, and skin and hair products. Eugenol is also used as a flavouring agent in some food products and is used in dentistry for its anaesthetic properties. The inactive components of CROAKED™ are common emulsifiers also used in foods and cosmetics.  The everyday use of these ingredients demonstrates the unique safety of CROAKED™, however, upon accidental exposure, it is advised the user wash the affected area with water until the product is removed. If irritation occurs or persists, consult a doctor.

What is eugenol and how does it work?

Eugenol is an essential oil extracted from clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, basil and bay trees.  It is commonly used in perfumes and as a food flavouring agent. In aquaculture, eugenol is used as an aquatic anaesthetic for handling fish in a humane, welfare-approved manner. The specialized formulation of CROAKED™ is designed to promote the diffusion of eugenol across the skin membrane of the toad and into the circulatory system. There it acts on the toad’s central nervous system and renders the animal insensible to external stressors and threats. CROAKED™ is the most humane method for euthanizsng toads currently available to homeowners and commercial operators.

Is CROAKED™ safe for my pets?

Absolutely! CROAKED™ is safe for use around pets. The biggest risk to pets is the toads themselves – cats and dogs can be killed by the toxins in a toad’s skin simply by picking it up in their mouth. Once you have used CROAKED™ to humanely kill toads on your property, remember to collect them and dispose of them immediately to prevent your pets from coming into contact with them. Always wear gloves when handling cane toads.

Is CROAKED™ safe for children?

Yes! To limit their exposure, however, it is advised that all users wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and protective glasses when using CROAKED™ and handling toads.

Is CROAKED™ safe for native animals?

It sure is! As with pets, the biggest risk to native animals is the toads themselves.  It is important to collect toads after they have been euthanized to reduce the risk of interaction with native animals. Always wear gloves when handling cane toads.

Is CROAKED™ safe for fish and other aquatic life?

Yes, CROAKED™ is safe for use around fish ponds and other waterways where aquatic life exists. The active ingredient in CROAKED™ is a known and safe anaesthetic agent for aquatic animals. The amount of CROAKED™ that would be required to accidentally kill a fish is substantial. For example, 100 ml of CROAKED™ is required to euthanize the fish in a typical 0.5m3 backyard pond, and it would be impossible to euthanize the fish within a dam or stream with one pack of CROAKED™ alone. While this demonstrates the products safety to aquatic animals, using CROAKED™ around waterways should always be done responsibly.

Is CROAKED™ safe for native frogs?

Like cane toads, native frogs and other species of toads are susceptible to CROAKED™, so always identify your target first. However, if you accidentally apply CROAKED™ to the back of a native frog, acting quickly can reverse the effects. You will need to hold the frog under running water for 1 minute to remove the product from its skin. The degree of success will depend on minimizing the time elapsed between applying CROAKED™ and washing it off. Our studies have shown this window to be ~2 to 3 minutes.

Is CROAKED™ painful for the cane toads?

Our studies indicate that there is no pain associated with the application or mode of action of CROAKED™.  If left undisturbed, toads have been known to fall asleep and die in the same location that they were treated. The lack of response suggests that CROAKED™ does not cause a burning sensation or any other form of discomfort to the toads.

How many cane toads can I control with each bottle of Croaked?

One bottle can treat up to 150 toads. This makes CROAKED™ a very cost-effective option to control the pest in your yard or your local shire.

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Brand Other Brands
Active Ingredients 122 g/L Eugenol
Product Form Liquid
Application Rate 1-2 sprays per cane toad
Ready To Use Ready to Use
Repellency Non-repellent
Attractant/Non-Attractant Non-Attractant
Application Environment Residential
Environment Type Outdoor
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