Aqua K-Othrine is a pyrethroid based insecticide concentrate for use as a space-spray for the control of adult mosquitoes, flies, stored product pests and American and German Cockroaches.

Aqua K-Othrine gives the professional pest controller a better performing/cost alternative to natural pyrethrum.

Key features and benefits of Aqua-K-Othrine Insecticide Space-Spray Concentrate
  • 20 g/L deltamethrin in a unique emulsion in water (EW) formulation
  • Built in anti-evaporant technology (FFAST)
  • Available in compact 1 L pack (treats 20 hectares)
  • Water-based (low hydrocarbon solvent content) EW formulation
  • APVMA registered for use against mosquitoes and flies
  • AQIS Approval Type A (in areas which contain prescribed goods)
  • WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme approved
  • Widely used around the world for mosquito and fly control campaigns
Brand: Envu
Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial, Industrial
MOA Group:
Group 3A Insecticide
Product Form:
Liquid (Emulsion Concentrate)
Ready To Use:
Pests Controlled: German Cockroach, American Cockroaches , Mosquitoes, Fruit Fly / Vinegar Fly / Fermentation Fly
Environment Type: Indoor, Outdoor
Active Ingredient: 20g/L Deltamethrin
Application Rate: 2.5-50mL/ha
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