Optigard Ant Bait Gel is designed for the indoor and outdoor control of sugar feeding ants around buildings.

Worker ants that feed on Optigard Ant Bait Gel return to the nest and transfer the non-repellant active ingredient (thiamethoxam) to the brood and queen.

Correct Optigard Ant Bait Gel placement (indoors and outside) will maximise product transfer to the nest and provide effective total ant colony control.

Optigard Ant Bait Gel is effective on a broad spectrum of ants including Argentine Ant, Black House Ant, Sugar Ant and White Footed Ant.

Key features and benefits of Optigard Ant Bait Gel
  • Transparent at application and throughout the treatment cycle
  • Odourless
  • Stain free on all treated surfaces
  • Not runny – even on vertical surfaces
  • A thicker consistency gel that holds its shape
  • Stable at high temperatures (up to 40°C)
  • Able to rehydrate and remain palatable for at least 14 days
  • Optigard Ant Bait Gel has excellent longevity, palatability and ant handling characteristics – even when aged for 14 days after placement
  • Total colony control can be achieved within 7 days (workers reduce within 48 hours)
Brand: Syngenta
Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial
HACCP Certified:
MOA Group:
Group 4A Insecticide
Product Form:
Ready To Use:
Ready to use
Pests Controlled: Argentine Ants, White Footed House Ant, Black House Ant, Sugar Ant, Pedicel Ant, Ghost Ant
Environment Type: Indoor, Outdoor
Active Ingredient: 0.1g/kg Thiamethoxam
Chemistry Class: Neonicotinoid
Application Rate: 0.1 g each spot
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