Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait is a new ground breaking, ready-to-use pressurised bait, enabling users to simply and precisely place bait where nuisance flies naturally go.

Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait's unique near field attractant will attract flies to land and feed on the treated surface, resulting in fast effective control which is more reliable than simply residual sprays alone.

Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait is easy to use and more convenient than other fly baits. Just take out the spray pack to delivering a precise formulation with no need for mixing. Targeted and precise treatments mean it can be used in more areas, particularly compared to granular baits.

Key features of Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait
  • Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait is powered by a unique, fast-acting active ingredient
  • Provide up to 6-weeks residual efficacy
  • When applied to surfaces, dries clear and has no odour.
  • Can be applied to surfaces as a spot, or band treatment to control nuisance flies in seconds
  • Contains active 10g/kg Dinotefuran
  • Perfect for use in sensitive areas like restaurants, bars and hotels where granular or other visible baits would cause concern
  • Versatile pressurised, ready-to-use formulation
How does Seclira Pressurised Insecticide work?

Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait is not a conventional residual spray and therefore does not work by flies simply contacting a sprayed surface.

The attractants within this bait mean that flies will be attracted to and subsequently attempt to feed on treated surfaces. They will then pick up a lethal dose. Because of this bait function, only portions of vertical surfaces need to be treated.

Application of Seclira Pressurised Insecticide

Apply to solid structures such as walls, fences, benches and garbage bins as an area or band spray as described on the next page. Avoid applying this product to dusty or dirty surfaces. For season-long control, monthly applications may be required, depending on the situation and duration of the fly season.

Brand: BASF
Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial
HACCP Certified:
MOA Group:
Group 4A Insecticide
Product Form:
Aerosol Spray
Ready To Use:
Ready To Use
Pests Controlled: Blow flies or Bluebottles, House Fly, Fruit Fly / Vinegar Fly / Fermentation Fly
Environment Type: Indoor, Outdoor
Active Ingredient: 10g/kg Dinotefuran
Chemistry Class: Neonicotinoids
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