The Ant Cafe is an easy to use, refillable ant baiting station designed for use with ant bait to protect the environment from contamination. The Ant Cafe features a small, adjustable entryway to protect the bait from desiccation,

The Ant Cafe ant baiting station can be placed vertically or horizontally when used with granular or gel baits, but should only be placed vertically when used with liquid baits.

Key features of the Ant Cafe Ant Baiting Stations
  • Ant Cafe bait stations are reusable and refillable
  • Available in a pack of 48 bait stations with double-sided tape and flat locking ties. 
  • The packages are resealable zip-lock bags that protect the stations from contamination during storage and transport.
  • One-piece design makes it easy to use with liquid, gel, or dry baits
  • Patented design reduces evaporation and keeps liquid baits fresh for up to 3 weeks
  • Keeps bait from contaminating the surrounding environment or from being contaminated or washed away
  • Tested to ensure ants get in and out easily
  • Placed vertically it holds 1/4 ounce of liquid bait
  • Can be moved easily without spilling to where ants are most active
  • Can be Secure with double-sided tape to walls or cabinets
  • Size and number of entries adjust with a pen
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