Clean Out Probiotic Drain foam is formulated to eliminate, prevent & guard against the build-up of scum, mould & other decaying organic matters in drains and other areas. Eliminating the biofilm reduces the potential harbourages and breeding sites of insects such as drain flies and cockroaches.

Clean Out Probiotic Drain Foam contains a concentrated mix of natural microbial spores which when activated, digest bad bacteria. It contains a revolutionary non-pathogenic bioactive-based formulation for the effective removal of mould and organic matter that cause odours and drain blockages. Eliminating the biofilm (removing the source) reduces the potential harbourages and breeding sites of insects such as drain flies and cockroaches.

Key features and benefits of Clear Out Probiotic Drain Foam:
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Safe for use in septic systems
  • Eliminates food source by breaking down organic waste that attracts drain flies, rodents, flies, insects, and other pests
  • Suitable for domestic, commercial & industrial use
  • Australian made & owned
  • A natural mould on odour control product
  • Suitable during inspection or treatment saving time
  • Designed to remove the food source and biofilm breeding medium required by drain flies, cockroaches and ants
  • Designed to actively break down organic matter that causes blockages and odours in drains & grease traps
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours quickly and easily
  • Applied bacteria keep odours from coming back and help to clean away built-up soil (grease and scum) that’s hard to reach
  • Bioactive remains active for prolonged efficacy
What makes Clean Out Probiotic Drain Foam effective?

When pipes are new, liquids flow easily, however, over time the organic matter builds up on the walls slowing down the flow and causing drains to back up and smell.

The mechanism by which StopOderz controls microorganisms is by changing from a spore state to a vegetative bacterial state when environmental conditions are favourable and then outcompeting all other bacteria or fungi for present nutrients required for their survival thus starving them to death. Due to this mechanism of kill, the time taken for StopOderz to eliminate other microorganisms is slower than that of disinfectants, taking hours rather than minutes to accomplish the task.

The huge advantage of StopOderz over disinfectants is, however, that after the competing microorganisms have been eliminated and the nutrients having been completely consumed by the StopOderz active enzymes which, now themselves without sufficient nutrient to feed and continue to multiply, return to their spore state having significantly multiplied in numbers from when the original application took place until such time sufficient nutrient is again present for the spores to again change from a dormant spore state into an active bacterial state once again.

What is Bio-Sanitation?

The buildup of fats, oils, grease (FOG) and other organic matter can create problems in commercial kitchens ranging from floor drain and sewage backup to slip-and-fall cases, creating food and harbourage for cockroaches and small flies. Foul odours caused by organic materials (scum) buildup in drains, garbage disposals, dumpsters, and can be prevented and eliminated with the recurring use of bio-sanitation products.

StopOderz Drain Foam is a bio-sanitation product, not a pesticide. They are a unique class of “green” bio-cleaners specialised to reduce organic debris, eliminate odours and counteract negative sanitation practices, all of which are the key to providing a safe and clean environment. CleanOut drain foam is designed to break down and prevent the buildup of starches, proteins, fats, oils, cellulose and other organic waste, and eliminate intense odour-causing situations in commercial and residential settings.

Advantages of Bio-Sanitation
  • Environmental responsibility from reducing chemical and cleaner use
  • Reduced risk to employees
  • Reduced long-term cost of sanitation because products do not need to be applied as often
  • Long-term effective action because chemical cleaners only provide short-term effectiveness
  • Removal of organic debris, which helps to control odour at the source
How do Bio-Sanitation products work?

We encounter beneficial microorganisms daily in products from yogurt to water treatment. The beneficial probiotic microbial spores found in bio-sanitation products such as CleanOut Drain Foam are microscopic living organisms in a dormant form. Once they are applied to a favourable environment (i.e., moist areas with organic debris), they begin to reproduce rapidly, doubling in population every twenty minutes. These activated probiotic microbes continuously produce enzymes to digest and consume the organic debris, eliminating the source of the problem and preventing Odors.

Bio-sanitation products penetrate deep into cracks and crevices – often in places where regular cleaning can’t reach – and continue to work around the clock to digest and remove organic matter. As long as conditions remain favourable, the microbes will continue to reproduce and create the necessary enzymes to do the job. Once conditions change, they revert into dormant spores, but will germinate and produce new active cells to start the process again if conducive conditions return. This provides your client with a much longer-term solution that only requires follow-up treatments to spike the number of active colonies. It also replaces colonies lost to water flow, cleaners or natural processes. Remember, organic debris isn’t necessarily “food” debris; it can come from any source. And certainly, residential customers often have a need for bio-sanitation with slow-running drains, biofilm buildup in floor drains smelly washing machines, garbage disposals, dishwashers and septic tanks.

Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Product Form:
Ready To Use:
Ready to Use
Pests Controlled: Drain Fly/Moth Fly
Active Ingredient: The formulation contains bacterial spores, stabilisers and other excipients including polymeric film formers.
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