Compact and powerful, the Dyna-Fog Superhawk Thermal Fogger is the machine of choice of health ministry professionals, mosquito control departments and disease control programs.

Its ultra-lightweight design and ability to produce large volumes of dense fog make the Dyna-Fog Superhawk Thermal Fogger ideal for use in both local and remote areas. Built to rigid quality standards and powered by the same reliable Dyna-Fog stainless steel engine, the Dyna-Fog Superhawk Thermal Fogger continues to be an essential part of any program where performance, simplicity and reliability are required.

Solution Output: 0-42L/hour. Produces 2,200 cubic metres of effective output per minute

Solution Tank Capacity: 4.5L

Solution Tank Pressure: 4 PSI

Gasoline Tank Capacity: 1.1L

Gasoline Consumption: 1.9L/hr

Battery: 1.5 VDC (1.5V "AAA" Size)

Fog Particle Size: 0.5 - 50 microns (VMD)

Weight (Empty): 6.4kg

Dimensions: 132 X 24 X 36cm (L x W x H)

Brand: B&G Equipment
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