Trapper Rat Glue Trays capture rats and mice without poison, making them ideal to use in food plants, kitchens, restaurants, food processing plants, hospitals, residences, zoos and other sensitive areas where poison is prohibited or discouraged.

Trapper Rat Glue Trays are manufactured with low-profile plastic trays, designed to reduce the chance of rodents stopping at the edge of the tray. The trap's narrow lip also keeps rodents from skirting along the edges of the tray and avoiding the glue. 

Trapper Rat Glue Trays are available in rat and mouse sizes. Trapper 2-Pack contains two face-to-face glue boards which separate easily for placement.

Key features and benefits of Trapper Rat Glue Trays
  • Non-poisonous glue traps to capture rats and mice
  • Sturdy, low-profile plastic tray makes it easy for rodents to step into glue
  • Tenacious glue formula captures mice on contact; strong enough to hold a rat
  • Available in rat- and mouse-size boards
  • Face-to-face boards separate easily for placement
Product Form:
Glue Board
Pests Controlled: Roof Rat, Brown Rat or Norway Rat
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