DETEX with Lumitrack is a non-toxic rodent monitoring bait with a special additive that makes rodent droppings glow bright green under black light.

DETEX with Lumitrack continues to be an indispensable tool for monitoring rodent activity but now it can also be used to track rodent movement and to identify rodent harborage. Droppings from rodents that have consumed DETEX with Lumitrack appear normal under regular light but glow a bright neon green under black light. By tracking those droppings, pest control technicians can identify the specific species and size of an infestation, as well as track rodent movement to harborage and nesting areas. Active burrows become visible under black light as well.

Key features of DETEX with Lumitrack Rodent Monitoring Bait:
  • Excellent for use in sensitive areas to reduce unnecessary use of poison baits.
  • Can be substituted with a rodenticide once rodent feeding has been established.
  • Highly palatable wax block formulation for the control of rats and mice.
  • Rodent droppings appear bright neon green under black light for easy identification of species and size of infestation
Where and how to use DETEX Blox with Lumitrack Rodent Monitoring Bait:

DETEX with Lumitrack is ideal for monitoring rodent activity in schools, food warehouses, zoos, parks and other sensitive accounts. Once rodent activity is detected, pest control technicians can replace the non-toxic bait with Bell's active rodenticide baits, traps or other rodent control products to get eliminate an infestation.

The 20g BLOX is made with Bell's highly palatable bait formulation containing food-grade ingredients. Because its many textures and tastes appeal to rodents, DETEX with Lumitrack gives technicians the same excellent bait acceptance and weatherability as other BLOX baits from Bell.

A hole through the center of the Blox lets technicians secure it on vertical or horizontal rods inside Bell's tamper-resistant bait stations.

Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial
HACCP Certified:
Product Form:
Bait Block
Ready To Use:
Ready To Use
Pests Controlled: Roof Rat, Brown Rat or Norway Rat, House Mouse
Environment Type: Indoor, Outdoor
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