HomeGuard TMB provides total termite protection for the building under slab and contains 1g/kg Bifenthrin.

HomeGuard TMB is a high impact, 200 micron, single extrusion, polymer sheeting product that is impregnated with Bifenthrin and when used as a component of a termite management system, meet the requirements of AS 3660.1 approved in accordance with and AS 3660.3 – Termite Management. The purpose of the HomeGuard TMB sheet is to deter termites from gaining concealed access so as to provide whole of building protection for the design life of a building.

Key features and benefits of Homeguard Termite and Moisture Barrier (TMB) 4m X 50m
  • Rolls are 2m wide – fold out to 4m wide
  • 4 x 50m roll = 200m2
  • 200 micron thick
  • Conforms to the Australian Standard AS 2870 as a High Impact Moisture Membrane
Where to use Homeguard Termite and Moisture Barrier (TMB) 4m X 50m

HomeGuard TM provides a robust barrier against all the economically important species of subterranean termites:

  • Install under concrete slabs to replace the black moisture membrane
  • Can be used behind structural retaining walls
  • Replaces the need for spraying under the slab or behind the retaining wall
  • Can be used to make Sheet Collars to protect penetrations through a concrete slab

The product can be installed in the following areas:

  • Under slab area of buildings
  • As an approved moisture barrier membrane (when installed according to BCA guidelines)
  • In retaining walls
  • For construction and control joints
Brand: FMC
Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial, Industrial
MOA Group:
Group 3A Insecticide
Ready To Use:
Ready to Use
Pests Controlled: Subterranean Termites
Active Ingredient: 1g/kg Bifenthrin
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