Sentricon AG (Above-Ground) Termite Bait Stations contain an insect growth regulator in an above ground station for the control of subterranean termites.

Sentricon AG stations are loaded with a hexaflumuron bait matrix and installed where termites are known to be active. This may be within a structure, on a tree stump, on a fence, etc.

Sentricon provides a scientifically tried and proven approach to termite control. Hexaflumuron is not a scheduled poison, and the Sentricon system is odourless.

General instructions for using Sentricon AG (Above-Ground) Termite Bait Stations

Sentricon AG must remain in place while termites are feeding in the bait stations. The bait station should be monitored at a frequency that allows for bait replenishment before the termites fully consume the bait, 2 to 6 week intervals dependent on activity level.

 When nearly all the bait has been consumed and termite feeding is still likely, replenish the bait matrix with a new Sentricon AG Termite Bait. Station housings can be stacked on top of each other. If feeding has not occurred for 2 consecutive monitoring visits (generally 2 months), the Sentricon AG Termite Bait can be removed. Ensure periodic inspections of the structure continue to ensure termite activity has ceased.

Brand: Corteva
Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial
MOA Group:
Group 15 Insecticide
Ready To Use:
Ready To Use
Environment Type: Outdoor
Active Ingredient: 5g/kg Hexaflumuron
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