The Sentricon In-Ground Station is designed for the in-ground monitoring and baiting of subterranean termites. These bait stations are designed to hold Sentricon Monitoring Devices and Sentricon Always Active Termiticide Rods.

Wherever possible, In-Ground (IG) stations should be installed in areas conducive to termite foraging, as this will increase the likelihood of the monitoring station getting a ‘hit’ with termites.

Conducive conditions include:

  • Areas that create a zone of high moisture around the foundation edge such as; air conditioning units; hot water units; irrigation systems; down-pipes and water run-off areas.
  • Edges of paved or concrete paths. Moisture coming off the path makes travel for termites easier.
  • Near tree stumps, trees, woodpiles or any other wooden or cellulose materials in the garden.
Brand: Corteva
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