An augering tool designed for cleaning out Sentricon In-Ground Stations.

Part of the monitoring procedure is to ensure that the Sentricon In-Ground Stations are kept in good condition so that foraging termites will always find an acceptable food source. Maintenance will be required when MDs do not sit flush in the station making it difficult for the locking cap to fit. In these situations loose soil or debris has likely fallen into the station preventing the extractor from sitting at the bottom of the station. Assuming termites are not present, you will need to clean out the station using the Sentricon Station Cleanout Auger attached to a cordless drill. A little water poured into the hole may assist with lifting out loose sandy-like soils and debris.

Use the Sentricon Station Cleanout Auger when installing Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod Refills into Existing Stations
  1. Open the top cap with the top cap key, remove the extractor and any monitoring devices that are present.
  2. Clean the station out if necessary of any tree roots, dirt and debris using the Sentricon Station Cleanout Auger
  3. Remove the protective wrapper from the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod and place it in the station. The Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod is hard and dry, it is not necessary to add water or moisten it in any way.
  4. Replace the top cap, lock it with the top cap key, making it child-proof and pet-proof.
  5. Move onto the next station and repeat the process with all stations at the site.
Brand: Corteva
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