GFS Nail Kit 100 Pin + 1 Fuel Cell is a professionally designed spare accessory, ideal for a wide range of actuated nail guns. Created using a superior iron and carbon alloy, the product provides excellent strength, hardness and wear resistance. The pins provide an optimal solution for fastening and securing light weight materials to either concrete or steel substrates.

Key features of the GFS Nail Kit 100 Pin + 1 Fuel Cell
  • GFS TRAK pins & fuel cells are manufactured using hardened carbon steel
  • GFS pins & fuel cells are 100% Compatible for use in – GFS 1000, Ramset TRAKMASTER, CABLEMASTER , Ramset TRAKFAST & Powers TRAK-It C3 models of gas actuated nail guns.
  • GFS TRAK pins are the perfect low cost fastening solution for securing light weight materials to concrete or steel substrates.
  • Ideal for the carpentry, flooring, plasterboard, pest control & electrical trades.
  • For use in Gas Actuated Concrete & Steel Nail Guns
  • Versatile use and provides superior fastening
  • 1000 x 13 mm pins
  • Suitable for securing light weight materials to solid substrates
  • Ideal for pest control and electrical trades and also carpentry, flooring and plasterboard trades
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