Rodent Stop Barrier Paste 340g

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Rodent Stop is a barrier paste to rodent-proof homes and commercial properties. Rodent Stop barrier paste is a professional rodent-proofing compound ideal for an integrated approach to rodent control. It is reinforced with metal fibers for increased protection.

Rodent Stop can be used to seal cracks, crevices, joints, seams, and holes to prevent entry by rodents. It is waterproof and is unaffected by extreme temperatures, making it suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

Features and Benefits of Rodent Stop Barrier Paste

  • Contains no pesticides or biocides-friendly to the environment.
  • Contains metal shards to deter gnawing
  • Can expand and contract with joints
  • Instantly waterproof, making it suitable for indoor & outdoor application
  • Instantly effective with long-lasting protection.
  • The paste sets and is paintable in 48 hours
  • Installation possible in cold and warm conditions
  • Metal-reinforced and metal-detectable

Where can Rodent Stop Barrier Paste be used?

  • Cracks, joints, holes in brickwork and cement
  • Joints and expansion joints
  • Stell, cast-iron, and PVC recesses and ducts
  • Connections between brickwork and drains
  • Sewer connections
  • Ducts for (electrical) cables
  • Gnawed openings

Which environments can Rodent Stop be applied?

  • Kitchens and food preparation facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Manufacturing and distribution centers
  • Bakeries and restaurants
  • Buildings with vulnerable electric cabling
  • Domestic properties
  • Hygiene sensitive areas
  • Foundation cracks and crevices
  • Eaves and roof joints¬†
  • Plumbing and pipe areas
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