VEXO GX21 gutter spikes are stainless steel bid spikes uniquely designed and shaped to prevent birds from perching and nesting in gutters.

Suitable for controlling pigeons, mynas, starling, galahs, magpies and cockatoos

Key features and benefits of Vexo GX21 Stainless Steel Gutter Bird Spikes
  • Dimensions: 80 mm (W) x 140 mm (H)
  • Comes in a carton of 50m of bird spikes
  • Prevents birds from nesting in downpipe which cause blockages
  • Easy, fast and secure installation
  • Durable solution with no maintenance required
  • Visually discreet from the ground
  • Blunted tips to safely deter birds
Brand: Vexo
Application Environment:
Residential, Commercial
Ready To Use:
Ready To Use
Pests Controlled: Pigeons, Myna Birds, Starlings, Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo
Environment Type: Outdoor
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