Tropical Bed Bug

  • Scientific Name: Cimex hemipterus

Tropical Bed Bug

Scientific Name:

Cimex hemipterus

How to identify tropical bed bug

Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood. Cimex lectularius, the common bed bug, is the best known, as it prefers to feed on human blood. Bed bug bites are caused primarily by two species of insects: Cimex lectularius (the common bed bug) and Cimex hemipterus, found primarily in the tropics. Their size ranges between 1 and 7 mm. They spread by crawling between nearby locations or by being carried within personal items. Infestation is rarely due to a lack of hygiene but is more common in high-density areas.

Where are tropical bed bugs commonly found?

Bed bugs spend much of their time in dark, hidden locations like mattress seams, or cracks in a wall.

Why are tropical bed bugs considered a pest?

Bed Bugs are not know to transmit disease but they do cause a variety of negative physical health, mental health and economic consequences. Many people have mild to severe allergic reaction to the bites with effects ranging from no reaction to a small bite mark to, in rare cases, anaphylaxis (severe, whole-body reaction). These bites can also lead to secondary infections of the skin such as impetigo, ecthyma, and lymphanigitis. Bed bugs may also affect the mental health of people living in infested homes. Reported effects include anxiety, insomnia and systemic reactions.

What is the biology and lifecycle of tropical bed bugs?

The insect goes through multiple nympal life stages, where their body shape and feeding behavior closely resembles that of the adult stage. The eggs of C. hemipterus have been known to hatch anywhere from 4-12 days after being laid. This species goes through five nymphal stages before developing into an adult, with each stage of nymphs being involved in human blood-feeding. The first four nymphal stages each go through an average development time of 3-4 days, while the fifth nymphal stage develops in 4-5 days. Compared to C. lectularius, C. hemipterus goes through slightly longer developmental phases. Adults can live anywhere from 6-12 months, with females typically living longer than males

Management Tips for Tropical Bed Bug

A licensed pest control operator must only apply pesticides that are currently registered and permitted for use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for the control of bed bugs. The pesticide applied will be selected on its usage patterns. For example, dust is excellent at penetrating voids and cracks where bed bugs reside, but would not be as effective in a location where it can be dispersed by foot traffic and vacuuming.

Pesticide sprays are also used for the treatment of bed bugs. A product with a residual formulation is used and any risk areas of potential bed bug infestations are targeted. It is important to ensure accurate and direct application to target areas such as beading on mattresses, cracks and crevices in furniture and flooring If the pest control operator completes an inaccurate space spray, the fine droplets can excite the bed bugs. This in turn can cause them to excrete alert pheromones and can disperse the infestation to other areas.

It is important to consult the pesticide label before use as some pesticides cannot be applied to mattresses. At the end of the treatment the room should be well ventilated and re-entry periods observed. A follow up treatment visit should be conducted in about a week, to allow for hatching of eggs, and pesticide re-applied where necessary. The clients should be advised to limit the amount of cleaning so that the residual pesticide is not removed. Sprays may kill the bed bugs but they are ineffective on the eggs.


Each pest control product is registered for use in specific environments, situations, pest life stages and other key factors. Please always consult the product label for detailed information about how to use each product.

Fendona Plus 60SC Insecticide
60g/L Alpha-Cypermethrin

Fendona Plus 60SC Insecticide is a residual insecticide for control of ants, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, flies, mosquitos bed bugs, meal moths and spiders in domestic, industrial, commercial and public health situations and for the control of litter beetles in poultry sheds.

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Seclira Pressurised Insecticide 397g
5g/kg Diontefuran

Seclira Pressurised Insecticide is a fast-acting, non-repellent, ready-to-use product with System III compatibility for the control of a broad range of pests including ants, and cockroaches.

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Seclira WSG Insecticide
400g/kg Dinotefuran

Seclira® WSG insecticide is a non-staining, odourless, broad spectrum, general insect control product for indoor and outdoor use.

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Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide
25g/L Deltamethrin

Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide is a broad spectrum low odour insecticide with excellent residual activity.

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Coopex Dust Insecticidal Dusting Powder
10g/kg Permethrin

Coopex Dust Insecticidal Dusting Powder is registered for the control of cockroaches, ants, fleas, silverfish and bed bugs in and around domestic and industrial premises, food preparation and storage areas. Also for control of mushroom flies in mushroom housing and bees in wall cavities.

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Coopex Residual Insecticide
250g/kg Permethrin

Coopex Residual Insecticide is a wettable powder registered for the residual control of cockroaches, ants, carpet beetles, spiders, clothes moths, bed bugs, silverfish and mosquitoes.

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Ficam W Insecticide
800g/kg Bendiocarb

Ficam W Insecticide is a non-repellent, broad-spectrum residual spray registered for the control of cockroaches, flies, spiders, fleas, ants, silverfish, bed bugs, millipedes and other insect pests.

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Suspend Flexx Insecticide
25g/L Deltamethrin

Suspend Flexx Insecticide is a synthetic pyrethroid (3A) formulation for the knockdown and residual control of a range of insect pests in various indoor and outdoor situations.

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Temprid 75 Residual Insecticide
50g/L Imidacloprid, 25/gL Beta-cyfluthrin

Temprid Residual Insecticide is registered for the use in the management of ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas and bed bugs (including pyrethroid-resistant) in various domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

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Dragnet Dust Insecticidal Powder
2% Permethrin

Dragnet Dust Insecticidal Powder is a 2% permethrin, broad-spectrum insecticide dust designed to reach into limited access areas. Dragnet Dust's super-fine formulation gives excellent coverage and spread. It is registered for the control of ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, bed bugs, wasps, and bird mites in domestic, institutional & industrial premises. Also for the control of hide beetles, mushroom, sciarid flies and Potato moths.

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Fury 120 SC Insecticide 1L
80g/L Bifenthrin, 40g/L Alpha-Cypermethrin

Fury 120 SC Insecticide is specifically formulated to create a superior, longer-lasting strength general insecticide that works in two powerful ways to rid your clients of all general household pests.

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PCO Deltamethrin 10SC
10g/L Deltamethrin

PCO Deltamethrin 10SC is formulated for the control of a range of insect pests, Cockroaches, Web-spinning Spiders, Non web-spinning Spiders, Ant, Fleas, Silverfish, Bed Bugs, Bird Mite, Carpet Beetle, Clothes Moth, Mosquitoes, House Flies, Stored Product Pests in various situations.

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PCO Deltamethrin Tetramethrin 10SC 5L
10g/L Deltamethrin, 10g/L Tetramethrin, 80g/L Piperonyl Butoxide

PCO Deltamethrin Tetramethrin is formulated for the control of a range of insect pests including: Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Silverfish, Spiders, Bird Mites, Carpet Beetles, Clothes Moths, Bed Bugs House Flies and Mosquitoes in various situations.

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Demand Duo Insecticide
38g/L Lambda-Cyhalothrin, 125g/L Thiamethoxam

Demand Duo Insecticide is a unique ZC formulation containing two different actives. It is registered for the control of  pests including ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, portuguese millipedes, paper wasps, spiders and more.

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Battleaxe Pro Aerosol 420g
20g/kg propoxur, 2g/kg tetramethrin, 10g/kg piperonyl butoxide

Battleaxe PRO Professional Crack & Crevice is an aerosol formulation containing both long lasting and vapour-acting knockdown components.

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Delta Pro 25SC Professional Insecticide
25g/L Deltamethrin

For the control of a range of insect pests such as spiders, cockroaches, flies, ants, mosquitoes in various situations.

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Maxum PRO 125 SC Insecticide 500mL
125g/L Beta Cyfluthrin

MaxumPRO is a robust, fast-acting, knock-down, broad spectrum insecticide for general insect control in domestic and commercial situations, as well as for the control of pest insects of turf and ornamental plants.

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Chaindrite Extra Strength Crawling Insect Spray
1.4g/kg Imiprothin and 2g/kg Cypermethrin

Chaindrite Crawling Insect Spray is a new low odour oil-based professional aerosol insecticide with a powerful flush and kill effect on cockroaches. Chaindrite is an easy to apply aerosol “without the splutter”.This product is an excellent knockdown and flushing agent and has long term residual activity.

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Delforce Residual Insecticide 10SC
10g/L Deltamethrin

Delforce Residual Insecticide 10SC is a water-based insecticide for the quick knockdown of spiders and general insects at very low doses. Delforce is also formulated for the control cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ants, silverfish and of a range other insects.

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Shieldrite Crawling Insect Foam 350g
0.5g/kg Imidacloprid

Shieldrite Crawling Insect Foam is a non repellent suspension concentrate formulated into a ready to use foam for the use in the management of pest insects including Termites, European wasps, Ants, Cockroaches and Bed bugs.

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